St. Mary's Cricket Club Juniors - Season 2017 / 2018

St. Mary's will be fielding an Under 11 side in Season 2017 / 2018

Here are all the details :

Players who have not yet been registered via the link (at the bottom of this page) to our Under 11 registration need to do so as soon as possible as wish to finalise our teams  It only takes a minute.  Registration is required to play.


The fee to play has been set at $50 This will cover insurance and go toward club costs for equipment and facilities. Families will receive an invoice after Registration.

New Exciting Format for Under 11’s

Under 11’s this year will play on Friday evenings in a 2 hour game with usually 7 players a side.

The pitch is shortened to 16 metres so the bowler will have more success and batters more often able to play front foot shots.

Every kid gets a go!!!

Each batter will receive 17 balls, and will then retire. If the batter is out, she or he will continue to bat on and the bowling team will receive 4 runs per wicket. Each player will bowl at least 2 overs.

This boundary will be 30- 40 metres. Lots more activity, lots more fitness

The ball is a hybrid, stitched and plays like a real ball. Players will wear whites and the club cap.

The club will provide pads, bats and other protective equipment.

It will be a great family night out.

We look forward to a fast moving game of fun and action on Friday evenings this year.

Training will begin on

 Wednesday October 4 at 4.45pm at our home ground Carroll Reserve with Troy Cashman.

First Game is Friday 13 October, 2017

For more information call our Junior Coordinator Alan 0425 723 236

To register your child for our Under 11 side, please click on the following link :

Family Friendly, Welcoming, All-Inclusive, Safe