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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111559669915163213192979115Chameera FernandoSt Mary's2019/2020D Grade4 1Dandenong West
292704941516321319583492Grant EdwardsSt Mary's2019/2020A Grade1 1Lyndale
3818102131516321315496281Junaid KariSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 11 1Buckley Ridges
475998061516321315502975*Damian ElyseeSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves4 2Springvale South
569706531516321319300969*Mark A FindlaySt Mary's2019/2020D Grade10 1Dandenong West
66914834611516321333055169Robert J PeatSt Mary's2019/2020Twenty201 1North Dandenong
7681825091516321319300968Troy WilsonSt Mary's2019/2020D Grade10 1Dandenong West
8689956321516321319583468*Nipun Sangeeth SuriyaarachchiralageSt Mary's2019/2020A Grade1 1Lyndale
968677701516321319584968John SaccoSt Mary's2019/2020A Grade5 1Buckley Ridges
106515698961516321315501665Sandeep HateliSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves1 1Buckley Ridges
11651825091516321319299465Troy WilsonSt Mary's2019/2020D Grade7 1Fountain Gate
126414834611516321315498664Robert J PeatSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 17 2Berwick
1363693451516321319588363Gary CakeSt Mary's2019/2020A Grade14 1Heinz Southern Districts
1461704941516321319583861Grant EdwardsSt Mary's2019/2020A Grade2 1Lynbrook
1557693451516321319584657Gary CakeSt Mary's2019/2020A Grade4 1Springvale
165618382341516321315505956*Muhammed R IssaSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 1 Reserves12 1Narre South
17548102131516321315496554Junaid KariSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 12 1Hallam Kalora Park
185419424091516321315499354Lewis PalmerSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 19 1Hallam Kalora Park
195219424091516321315497952Lewis PalmerSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 16 1Heinz Southern Districts
205216900211516321319297052*Jake HallSt Mary's2019/2020D Grade2 1Lynbrook
2151719781516321319301751Rick CashmanSt Mary's2019/2020D Grade12 1Beaconsfield
225114834611516321315499851*Robert J PeatSt Mary's2019/2020Turf 110 1North Dandenong
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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