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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11396934515363213659549139*Gary CakeSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade1 1Berwick Springs
2876370561536321365955787*Michael J StortiSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade3 1Lyndale
379687901536321365956279Charith AnthonySt Mary's2020/2021B Grade4 1Narre Warren
472559801536321363926172Achintha RajapakseSt Mary's2020/2021Turf 13 1North Dandenong
566693451536321365960266*Gary CakeSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade14 1Springvale
66519568801536321363930265Kusan NiranjanaSt Mary's2020/2021Turf 113 1Heinz Southern Districts
762693451536321365955262Gary CakeSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade2 1Heinz Southern Districts
856693451536321365956656*Gary CakeSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade5 1Doveton
95612995731536321366238356Adrian LiuSt Mary's2020/2021E Grade10 1Beaconsfield
1054681661536321363926154Wendyl PiresSt Mary's2020/2021Turf 13 1North Dandenong
115319568801536321363928153Kusan NiranjanaSt Mary's2020/2021Turf 18 1Hallam Kalora Park
1252693451536321365956252Gary CakeSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade4 1Narre Warren
1350704941536321365956650*Grant EdwardsSt Mary's2020/2021B Grade5 1Doveton
145020110741536321366234250*Jonathon DicksonSt Mary's2020/2021E Grade2 1Narre South
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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